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Product developer | Sustainability Expert | Env. Activist | Volunteer

I am a Textile Engineer.  Working as an Associate Product Developer in Marks and Spencer Bangladesh.  Marks & Spencer is a British retailer , selling cloth, food & home products for the last 135 years. With a motto of never the same again, M&S is changing its products & design focusing on Environmental Impact & Sustainability.  The Womenswear product range is getting historical change in case of low water & chemical savings, energy/carbon foot prints & worker impact through my work with team here.

 I am an Alumni Member of Volunteer for Bangladesh, A Youth development program of Jaago Foundation. I played the responsibility of divisional Treasurer & district Vice President in VBD earlier where implemented several projects based on sustainable development goals 2030 declared by the UN. My main focus was quality education, Environment & sustainable cities & communities. 

I graduated from Primeasia University and currently doing a Masters’ in Textile Engineering management in Butex.   I love to take care of plants & to read books at my free time.

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