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An article on Haelixa technology

To save our planet Earth, Sustainability is a key word. Researchers & companies from different parts of the world are now working day night hard to create better sustainable solution. Denim & fashion industry is not away from this also. How it would be if you can trace your jean by DNA?
Yes, A company Haelixa has come with a solution of DNA marker though which you can easily trace your jean where it was made! Dr. Michela Puddu and her Team has established their wonderful research with such an applied outcome. This DNA marker is a chemical solution which can be sprayed at material and it doesn’t get vanished due to heavy chemical impact or products changes. You can trace Fashion products like garments, stone, diamond, gold etc with this one.
As a denim lover, we always feel uncomfortable of thinking this industry as a less sustainable area. Researchers working daily on this and good thing is Haelixa is one of them.
Haelixa says
“Our traceability program does not only allow one to trace the raw material from farm to retail but is also able to detect the blending of premium, responsibly sourced fibers with lower quality, non-certified materials as well as mixing of different material lots. Our marker can be applied to raw material, fiber, yarn, or fabric. The markers have been approved as chemical inputs by the Global Organic Textile Standard and are compatible with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX”
Haelixa claims the product useful for Brands, manufacturer, Individual producer & can be applied to all kinds of chemical. The product is invisible and does not change the properties of fiber. Harmless for human & environment, strong enough to sustain in toughest industrial processing & end to end supply chain transparency and control ensured. The product work in three steps.
1. Set up: Firstly, Haelixa will examine how many markers is needed in which stage of production & will provide the kits containing the solution and tools.
2. Mark: Secondly the products will be marked without any damage or change to product. The Marker spray will create an individual identity to each product like fiber, fabric of yarn even in lo wise.
3. Verify: Product can be verified at any stage with non-destructive short test. Result will be in yes/no or quantitative form.
AN ingredient Label “Marked and Traced by Haelixa” will be tagged with products which will provide a clear idea about product quality, origin & environmental standard. The label can be read by QR code scanner to ensure its transparency. One of most interesting part is told by Dr. Puddu that, block chain will be used with Haelixa to ensure each purchase & sourcing data examined.
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