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7 form of wastes in Lean Manufacturing

7 forms of waste in Lean manufacturing which should be avoided to improve efficiency

  1. Overproduction:

Over-production is something that is more than necessary. In Business, it can be categorized as something for which the customer is unwilling to pay.

From a Business Perspective, it causes more money, wasted raw materials & money tied up.

An environmental perspective: It causes extra emission, extra worker exposure, extra waste disposal & more problems from wastes.

In Personal Perspective: It causes extra mental burden, extra challenges & distraction on focus

       2. Inventory:

Inventory is something that is stocked extra for further use in the future.


From a business perspective: It causes extra space, energy & waste which is ultimately nonvalue added cost

An environmental perspective: It causes extra processing, raw material & waste which is harmful to the environment

In personal Perspective: It kills time & causes additional expense 


     3. Motion: Motion waste refers to unwanted & over the movement of people or machines.

Business perspective: Motion waste causes unnecessary expense due to damage of machines & reprocessing regarding the faster-unfocused production & employee injury as well.

Environment perspective: The more machine & employee gets damaged & injured, the more it affects the environment for new machine making & employee absence in the workplace.

Personal Perspective: over speedy work which is not needed kills focus & lower the quality of work which can be a loss of trust towards stakeholder. Self-injury creates a burden of work on teammates as well

   4. Defects: Defects means deviating products from the standard or customer expectation


Business perspective: Defects causes extra reprocessing cost, damage reputation & brand value

Environmental perspective: creates more challenge for dumping & recycling & increase energy consumption.

Personal Perspective: Spoil reputation in Team, blocks new opportunities & kills confidence


   5. Over-processing: Over-processing describes the actions on a product not adding extra value for customers.

For example, no one would love to pay extra money for a TV monitor in the back of a motorbike.

Business perspective: It causes lower margin, more production cost & time

Environmental perspective: It causes extra labor, extra energy & waste into the environment

Personal perspective: Kills time, make teammates uncomfortable & reduce productivity

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   6. Waiting: Waiting means the idle time between a completed task & receiving a new task

             Business perspective: Hampers productivity, irregular flow of work hampers quality & increase operating cost.

            Environmental perspective: waiting needs extra light, energy for cooling or heating in the organization

           Personal Perspective: Kills time & efficiency

     7. Transport: Transport is essential to move products, but it is the most nonvalue adding task in products.

            Business perspective:

Excessive Transportation kill margin, money & production lead time may cause quality degradation also.

           Environmental perspective: transportation fuel, packaging & damage causes more waste, hazardous chemical & energy consumption

           Personal Perspective: kills time & energy as well as can be unhealthy which distracts people

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